April Taylor

An Eagle and You …

I’d never seen an eagle at the river before …

But that morning, there it was …

Perched high on the tree near the shore.

And I thought of you

I still always do …

I watched this splendid creature for a while

Sitting confident like he owns the world

and I thought of you

It made me smile.

You left us that day …

Nothing they can do

The doctors say …

I’d like to think that the eagle

carried you and took you away

And came back to the river that day

To tell me … that you were okay



New Year’s Day

I woke to the sound of chirping birds

That New Year’s Day …

The song they were singing

Seemed to say …

“Begin anew

This year is for you

Be free …

Be who you want to be … “

Wisdom finds us in many ways

Even from the squawk of a Blue Jay.



The trees

now scantily clad

Their leaves

tumble to the ground

in heaps …

Like yesterday’s clothes

Laying carelessly on the floor beside the bed.

The November sky

Melancholy … Grey

Time for the soul

To Rest

To Reflect

Winter is on its way.



It flows through me

I feel it … from head to toe

as the strings meet the bow …

The whine, The whisper, The wail

Escape …

My heart sets sail

I am free … finally free …

My soul soars higher than the trees …

I sing, I dance and I breathe.

In truth …

It’s the only time I know that I am alive …

The strings quiver … I begin to shiver

Without music … how would I survive ?



Life such a Complicated and Beautiful Thing …

The world,

tranquil and quiet tonight.

The shops now closed,

ribbons and bows …

Under the tree

the gifts are posed.

It’s cold.

I wrap my scarf tighter, put my hands in my pockets.

The wind blows …

In the silence I hear

the branches of the trees moan.

Bundled in these clothes

I walk alone.

I think of things that could have been.

Different time …

Different place …

Was it a sin?

A colourful glow,

from beneath the snow …

Christmas lights,

shining bright.

All is well.

I’ll go home …

Give thanks

for my wife,

for my life.

It’s true … It’s real.

Yet still …

I think of you.



April Taylor

April Taylor

People are my greatest source of inspiration,. I love to sit in a cafe and observe to world as it passes by. Everyone is interesting in their own way.