I Distanced Myself From the Media and Social Media … and Here is What Happened …

Recently, I had a bit of the “blues” shall we call it. I hadn’t been feeling well and the state of the world was getting me down. Everywhere I turned seemed more negativity. About 6 months ago I kind of crashed, hit my bottom as they say. This is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s necessary. It might mean it’s time to review your life and make some changes.

I was in a complete state of overwhelm and felt out of control of my own life. I didn’t know where to begin, I was exhausted and burnt out. Something had to give. I made some big changes in my working situation and a lot of small changes. The ironic part, I think the small changes have made the biggest difference.

The first thing I did when I decided to “get myself better” was I took a couple of days off and gave myself permission to do exactly what I wanted for 3 days. I had coffee with a friend and met another friend the same day for a 3-hour lunch. One day I pottered around the house in silence. The third day I went for a walk and bought a new outfit. To my surprise, I could feel the difference already. The old analogy of comparing ourselves to a bank account, Emotionally I was in overdraft and after depositing a few simple pleasures into my soul I was seeing clearer. I still had a long way to go but I knew I was on the right track.

Here are some things I did and am still doing to make myself happy again.

* Distanced Myself from Social Media … only checking in occasionally. I felt over stimulated. Things felt to loud … too bright … too much … Somehow I knew I had to calm my senses by eliminating the chaos. Interestingly, this freed up time to do other things, like my hobbies or to get some chores done, which of course felt good.

* Turned off the News … This doesn’t mean I don’t care about the world, I do, we all do, but watching the same sad and fear mongering story 10 times a day, does not help or accomplish anything. I look at it every other day once and only once.

* Stayed home in silence … This was a bit awkward but I knew I needed to quiet my mind, so I did my chores with no radio or TV. I needed it. My head was full. I like silence now … ahhh peace and quiet.

* Went for walks alone … at first I couldn’t, I didn’t have the energy but little by little I did. I had to make myself at first but I did it because I knew it was good for me. Fresh air and exercise we all know it makes us feel better.

* Wrote my feelings in a journal … {instead of picking up my phone and scrolling mindlessly} At first I wrote my feelings of what was upsetting me then began to write about my dreams and hopes and more positive things. Then added a gratitude list and some inspirational quotes. Then I started to focus on happy memories. Vacations, good times and childhood memories, even if I didn’t write these things down just thinking about them made me smile.

* Took Big Pleasure in the Small Pleasures. This is my favourite one. In my head I began to think of small things but thought of it as a big treat. For example … I get up early once or twice a week so I have time to go for coffee or to the market before work. It just makes my day go better. Sunday mornings my husband and I have made our breakfast into a big deal, allowing ourselves to savour our coffee and read the paper {him} poetry or writing {me} Then maybe a walk before we get to the things that need done.

* Remind Myself to be Happy for Others … Trying to be happy for my friends success or her new boots or new house, makes me feel good too. Be each other’s cheerleader, when I am in this state I feel amazing and if I am in a state of envy I feel shallow and small.

* Gradually, I have added audio books. I still need quiet but I do listen to an audio book not the radio. I am a music lover but oddly enough I couldn’t listen to music, actually I still can’t. It still is “too much” maybe too much emotion, I am not sure why. But I think that will come in time too.

I have always believed that what we put in our minds creates the life we live. Yet again this has been proven. I am not saying shut yourself off from the world completely, but I am saying it’s okay sometimes. Be aware of what and how much you listen to. Remind yourself to not engage in that negative conversation. Make deposits into your soul by treating yourself to a coffee date, an afternoon off, buy yourself flowers … something little to balance the accounts of the soul.

I am happy to tell you that I feel much better, and am amazed how being aware and making small changes have improved my life. It all begins in our mind.

“When Things Go Wrong, Don’t Go With Them.” … Think Happy Thoughts




People are my greatest source of inspiration,. I love to sit in a cafe and observe to world as it passes by. Everyone is interesting in their own way.

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April Taylor

April Taylor

People are my greatest source of inspiration,. I love to sit in a cafe and observe to world as it passes by. Everyone is interesting in their own way.

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