Growing older with Grace … not botox …

CARRIE …{Aesthetician} has been helping women with skin care and grooming for more than twenty years. Over time, she has learned what women want and how to help them achieve the best results for their individual needs.

6 most often asked questions:

What keeps skin youthful?

CARRIE: Don’t underestimate what a difference eyebrows make. Good eyebrows make us look less tired more alert, younger and frame our eyes making them stand out.

As we get older our eyebrows thin and fade. Fear not … there are simple ways of improving your eyebrows. A professional waxing will give your eyebrow a nice shape and clean up the stray hairs.

If your eyebrows have faded or have turned gray you could have them tinted. A professional should know what colour is best for your skin tone. Tinting helps the brow look thicker and more defined. It makes such a difference and is simple, quick and inexpensive. It lasts about 6 weeks. At the same time, if you are not inclined to wear makeup consider having your lashes tinted, making them darker and defining your eyes.

CARRIE: It’s true, the days when we make an extra effort to make ourselves look good we undoubtedly have a better day. No it isn’t a coincidence. When we feel good about how we look we feel more confident and happy. We then tend to treat people well and do our work with a better attitude creating better results.

We are worth the investment in ourselves. A manicure and pedicure or a facial and having our eyebrows done can actually improve our mood. If we are in a good mood everything else in life falls into place, we stand a little straighter and walk a little prouder. People will gravitate to us because we are happy. Nothing pushes people and opportunities away quicker than being negative.

What are your thoughts on growing older with grace?

CARRIE: Growing older gracefully does require effort on our part. A daily skincare routine, hair removal and foot care are part of it. Also, staying active, interested in life, growing and learning keeps our mental state well. Therefore, taking care of our skin, body and mind is the answer to growing older with grace.



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April Taylor

April Taylor


People are my greatest source of inspiration,. I love to sit in a cafe and observe to world as it passes by. Everyone is interesting in their own way.